Welcome To Kate’s Cookies

Oh, hi there!
This is my first attempt at writing a blog so your patience is much appreciated.                Now let me introduce myself (insert ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ here). There are few things that delight me more than finding a new recipe, or reinventing an old favorite and then having friends over to partake in what I hope is a delicious meal. That being said; I plan to have this blog focus on the baking, cooking and hostess endeavors that take place in my quaint (aka tiiiiny) Manhattan kitchen.
I hope to inspire and maybe even educate my readers that all of the above requires only a kitchen, patience, a budget and friends/family to share your food with.Image 

Thank you in advance for taking this journey with me!


About kdsanta

Hello there! My name is Kate (if you hadn't already guessed), I live in Manhattan with my two kittens and tiny kitchen.
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2 Responses to Welcome To Kate’s Cookies

  1. Matt says:

    Great start Kate!!

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