Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cookie Monster

The other night literally all this girl wanted was cookie, so I raided the kitchen in hopes of finding a random cookie. After an unsuccessful raid, the thought of running to CVS crossed my mind but it was cold I … Continue reading

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Cheese Please

Well here is the first “hosting” post! Last Friday I decided to have the ladies over for a wine and cheese party, which turned out to be a success; but then again most things are when wine and cheese are … Continue reading

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This week was unfortunately not spent in the kitchen due to these gremlins… Cats are jerks; expensive but adorable jerks. Please come back next week for some kitchen adventures! Xo.

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Nothing Like The Present

When will I learn that nothing productive ever occurs after margaritas at Blockheads?! I’m leaving for Chicago in a few short hours and am frantically shoving clothes into a duffel bag because Trixie and I decided to meet for dinner … Continue reading

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