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Hello there! My name is Kate (if you hadn't already guessed), I live in Manhattan with my two kittens and tiny kitchen.

Highs and Lows

April started out as a doozy and I have been anything but inspired. But today, oh today, it feels like things are picking up…if because of nothing else it feels like spring has sprung! I now present you with a … Continue reading

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Too Sweet

This week I had the intention of sharing shamrock sugar cookies in honor of St. Patty’s Day, but my apartment is currently overflowing in delicious baked goodies. This past weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday (oy) and can’t even begin … Continue reading

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Mama Mia

There are very few people in this world that would tolerate, let alone love you after you had broken their toe and locked them in the basement (among other things) all by the age of three. I am lucky enough … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

The other night literally all this girl wanted was cookie, so I raided the kitchen in hopes of finding a random cookie. After an unsuccessful raid, the thought of running to CVS crossed my mind but it was cold I … Continue reading

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Cheese Please

Well here is the first “hosting” post! Last Friday I decided to have the ladies over for a wine and cheese party, which turned out to be a success; but then again most things are when wine and cheese are … Continue reading

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This week was unfortunately not spent in the kitchen due to these gremlins… Cats are jerks; expensive but adorable jerks. Please come back next week for some kitchen adventures! Xo.

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Nothing Like The Present

When will I learn that nothing productive ever occurs after margaritas at Blockheads?! I’m leaving for Chicago in a few short hours and am frantically shoving clothes into a duffel bag because Trixie and I decided to meet for dinner … Continue reading

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